زد كى سوفت وير – جهاز حضور و انصراف بالبصمة – S900

  • مميزات
  • مواصفات
  • تطبيقات
  • Color TFT screen with Graphical Interface for ease of use
  • Rugged scratch-resistant optical sensor
  • One-touch 1-second user recognition
  • Stores 1500 templates and 30,000 transactions
  • Reads fingerprints and/or PINs
  • Can display the picture of the user after successful verification
  • Optional integrated prox /HID/Mifare card reader
  • Built-in Serial, Wiegand in/out and Ethernet ports
  • Optional integrated Wifi also available*
  • Relay contacts for alarm, bell, lock, exit switch, etc
  • 8 user-defined function keys
  • Multi Language Support
  • Built in bell scheduling
  • Real-time 1-touch data export to 3rd party hosted & non hosted applications
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers
  • Software Development Kit available for OEM customers and software developers and Embedded Development Kit available for customized application on the reader

S900 series is innovative versatile time clocks which combine a highly durable yet elegant casing with a variety of fingerprint optical sensor technology and available in Linux and windows CE platform.

ZK sensor is the most affordable, highly accurate, tuned for ZK’s proprietary fingerprint matching algorithm that performs well in almost all office environments. Secugen sensor is scratch –resistant and performs well in harsher working environments. Lumidigm Mercury sensor that uses patented multi-spectral imaging technology. The fingerprint sensor can uniquely read beneath a users’ skin surface and is not obstructed by cuts, scratches, dirt,
and grime . . . conditions which often prevent traditional fingerprint sensors from reading accurately.

Programmers will appreciate S900’s available development platforms which includes Linux, WinCE v6.0 and Python.

S900’s install easily on your network and supports both hard-wired TCP/IP and optional wireless or GPRS connections. The standard RS-232, USB Host and Client ports lets users connect directly to PC and also download data using USB Flash Disk drive.

With its large 3.5” TFT for vivid color display/presentation and 8 dedicated function keys. S900 is very user friendly and can be easily customized by users with special requirements (i.e. break in/out recording, job code entry, tip entry, department transfers, schedule lookup etc.). Managers can even leave Short messages to all users or send a private message for particular users.

Additionally, with its multiple relay contacts and Wiegand In/Out ports, S900 can control door locks and connect to external card readers, exit switches, door sensors, alarms and even ring an external bell to signify the start and close of work shift(s).