داهوا – انتركم مرئي – VTH1500B

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> 7” TFT LCD screen, with outstanding effect.
> Easy to use with big buttons.
> Color Video phone, support hand-free calls.
> Support monitoring, video talk, unlock function
> Support Information check, can receive Message from guard office
> Directly notice to guard office for emergency
> Compatible to up to 8 security sensors( burglar, fire, gas leakage, etc)
> Resistive touch buttons


System Main Processor NEC MCU
Operation Interface Simple OSD message
Input Device Mechanical keys, 5
Video Video Input 1-ch CVBS analog video
Video Display 7” color LCD, resolution: 800×480
Monitoring Support monitoring with monitor button

Audio Input

1-ch microphone input (Omni-directional electrets)

Audio Output 1-ch loudspeaker output
Bidirectional Talk 1-ch bidirectional talk, two way
Network Function Net Control Monitor & Unlock
Call management center for emergency
RS485 bus
Remotely upgrade
Interface Net Interface RJ45?non-Ethernet?plug connected with distributor, including power supply, AV and control signal
RS485 Bus control and software upgrading
DC Power 24V
System Upgrading Remote network upgrading
General Power 24V / 0.3A
Power Consumption max 6W
Temperature -5???55?
Humidity 20%?90%
Dimensions 221.2mm*154.3mm*24.2mm?L*W*T?
Weight 0.75 KG
Installation Method Installed on 86 box sheet metal bracket